Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mint Lace

I been really into muted colors this spring/summer. And been buying and wearing those colors a lot now. So enjoy!

The black cat in the background is my dogs best friend.


* Mint tank with lace on the back - from F21
* Cream Lace skort - from F21
* Mint flower ring - from Love21
* Mint mini beads bracelet - from Love21
* Old gold bird and cage necklace - from Claire's (3 yrs old)
*  Leatherette Dress Shoes in brown - from F21
* Cream ankle socks - from Love21

None of these photos are photoshop. Makeup is done by me, and most of these pictures are taken by my brother Peter Her check out his facebook page.


  1. @Pang: Thanks! I love the fact that its a mix between a skirt and and a short. So you could dress it up or down.

  2. @Sweet: Thank you. I think muted colors looks good for the fall. Well early fall that is before it gets too cold.