Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gold belt

My recently purchase from last week. So enjoy!

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 Braid gold belt from Target; ($12.99)
I've been eyeballing on this belt since last year in fall and finally cave in and bought it.

The apple necklace; (5.95) and gold belt bracelet; ($5.59) are from H&M and the little dusty rose bracelet; ($13) is from Kohls.
I was just browsing my local H&M and came across this bracelet and I couldn't say no, I know for sure I don't have anything like it in my collection.

Taupe platform oxfords from forever21; ($34.80) in a size 8.
I was lucky enough to purchase these on forever21 website, (cause these sold out quick.) I wasn't going too, but I couldn't resist. I LOVE platform oxfords. From all the reviews that I read on these, I have to agree that they were similar to the Jeffery Campbell Lita, but cheaper. I got size 8 that I usually get in shoes and fits fine and super comfortable. Walked all day in these without any pain. The lace isn't the best, but that I could care less.

 Jeffery Campbell Lita
Forever21 Taupe platform oxfords

Monday, April 23, 2012

Strawberry field

My latest purchase about 2 weeks ago.

Been obsessed with H&M lately. For me sometimes H&M is a hit and miss for me, but their spring/summer collection been eye catching.
I pick up an black skirt with A-line with 2 layers and pockets; ($29.95), white chiffon with lace trimming on the bottom of the skirt; ($24.95), strawberry cami; ($12.95) and white sleeveless blouse with lace trimming on the top from the Conscious Collection; ($9.95).
I know white makes you bigger, but I couldn't pass this up. Perfect for summer, its flowy with a touch of girly-ness.
 Love the details of this black skirt, on the side the the skirt has leather triming and the pockets has a little leather lining as well. The material for this skirts is not stiff and doesn't feel cheap.
 This would be perfect for a summer causal outfit. For the price for this shirt is worth it and best part is if you're a green person then you'll love this shirt.
 This strawberry cami is my fave from my haul, its just so girly. Plus who doesn't love strawberries? Wearing it reminds me of strawberry fields.

 My purchase from forever21.
Ruffle nautical cami; ($15.80), sheer sleeveless blouse with a hoodie; ($15.80) and black lace flowy blouse ($19.80).
 I couldn't pass up on this blouse, it'll be nice for the summer for a night out.
 Accessories from forever21. 
Long peachy rhinestone necklace, pearl heart bracelets and gold and silver spike bracelet.

My other purchase.
Dusty pink lace blazer from Lulu's, Dior St. Tropez Vernis nail polish from Nordstrom, black wedge and flora clutch from Target.
I don't really shop at Target, its a hit and miss for me, but I was lucky to came across these items cause both were on clearance. Can't wait to use the clutch, its just so cute and girly and the black wedge is for work, but I'm actually loving these.

A swatch of Dior St. Tropez Vernis, via

Thursday, April 12, 2012

V.I.B Chic Week

Sephora had a V.I.B. 15% off during March 29 - April 07, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity of the sale. I didn't go crazy and order everything I saw, and just pick up what I've wanted for a while.

Sephora V.I.B ad, with the "color of the year" and my whole purchases.
I've seen these paper-lashes used by the pixiwoo sister about a year or more ago, and have always wanted them when they became available at Sephora. So I pick a pair up for $9, original for $19. 

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know I've been reading "The Hunger Games" and had watched the movie. There is one scene, where one of the characters had minimal makeup with a pop of edgy-ness with these lashes. It's just a neat and wearable way to wear them. The look was really similar to this photo.

I've seen a lot of youtube gurus using the TOUCHE ÉCLAT - Radiant Touch for a long time now, and have always wanted ever since then. BUT I wasn't going to just throw down $40 for an 0.1 oz pen. So with the 15% off I thought, why not. The color I got is Color 2 Luminous Ivory - for fair to light complexions with yellow undertones. I haven't tried it yet, but don't get it confuse as a concealer, it's a highlighter for your face.

I been loving mate blushes, especially tarte's. When I saw this on, I couldn't pass up on this. It's an limited edition color and set; Gifts From The Lipstick Tree Achiote Color Collection for $42, worth $70. The awesome part is that everything in this set is full size and all the color are about same shade.

Here is a swatch of the lip gloss, tarte's LipSurgence and the blush in that order. All three items are in the Achiote colors, which is a warm pink tone.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Coral Eyelet

Been so busy with work, (it's our busy season at the moment). Haven't had time to blog about my recent purchases. Got all of these couple of weeks ago.

I've noticed that most of my purchase lately has been a soft-romantic colors tones.

First purchase was this beautiful Coral eyelet cami from American Eagle. Adds a perfect pop of color for the spring and summer.
Original $30, but on sale $25, but got for $20 with an 15% of coupon.

At better picture of the cami.

Original $59, had a V.I.B.10% off coupon , got for $53.
I love the colors in this palette. Plus this palette will forever have a story with it.

I should of bought this palette the moment I seen it, but I didn't want to buy it on an impulse. SO though out the whole week I couldn't stop thinking about it and did my "research", looked up some swatches of it and came to a decision to get it. So by Saturday, as I was trying to order it and it was sold out. The sad part was it's limited edition too. So with the thought of not coming back in stock, I've called all the self standing Sephora and see if they have it in stock, 3 out of 4 said they were sold out and the only one that had the palette in stock was 64 miles away from me. Obviously I had them put one on hold for me and would pick it up the next day, (which was Sunday). So the next day with 1 hrs before the mall closed, (took about an hour to get there, so in total of 2 hrs), I rush driving there and bought it, plus using a 10% off coupon. As I got home, I finally open it took a really good look at the palette, but I realize that there were 3 faintly finger prints in the 2 of the shadows and 1 in the blush. ALSO I was curious and see if it came back in stock online, and it did. My jaws just drop and I was really mad. At that moment I wanted to return it the next day, but with my time, car mileage and a lot of gas wasted, I've decide to keep it. So in the end IT WAS WORTH IT.

 Got some stuff from my local import Japanese store. I've heard that the "Eyelash fix" has the blackest eyelash glue. Decide to pick that up, since it was right there.
If you been following my blog for a while, you'll know I love nails. I've been eyeballing these little nail designs/accessories for about 3 yrs, and they finally went on sale. So this is what I pick up of what they had left. Got the nail stickers for $3.99, original $7.99 and the gold link chain and tiny 3D flowers for 0.99 cents, original $3.99. Totally worth the patience.

Pick up 2 rings; butterfly and a flower and lace tights from WetSeal. 
LOVE the color of cream and dusty pink.