Wednesday, August 17, 2011

July and August Collective Haul.

I know its been a LONG LONG BLOGGER time since I did a blog post. It has been a busy and lazy month for me in July. It was like one thing after another. My grandma recently passed away. Not only that my BF's close friend had also passed away. Then my computer went wackers and I just recently drop my camera. Also been swimming at my friend's pool.
Well enough said and continue my HAUL. So enjoy!

Both of these chiffon blouse are from H&M. If you noticed I've been really into chiffon and dusty pink.
Love the dark navy color its versatile for all season along with the pleating and bow tie on the collar.
 Love the made of the dusty pink chiffon blouse. It has no sleeves, but on the side fans out a really neat way.

 Been really into animal print as well and got this key-hole animal print from bebe. The material is really light weight, but its not made out of chiffon. But the back is what drew me to this shirt. Perfect for simply sexyness.
 **sorry just ignore the paper with writing, it was the only thing that was close to grab at the moment that was white. LOL

 Of course, F21. They always have the cutest and on trend clothes. Its hard NOT to pass them up. But I'm a big nerd so when I saw this Capt. America shirt in a GIRL tee it was a must.
 A very unique chiffon blouse. Its a across between a cardingan and kimono. The sleeves fans out like an kimono sleeve but a little shorter then a real kimono. The front has an opening with no zippers or button. Plus it was the most beautiful print.

 I've passed on this blazer once and totally regretting that I did. But I was lucky to find it again and bought it. It is a bold shoulder blazer, which is big trend this year. Finding one that is a good bargain is hard to get.

 Got these lovely dressy shorts from Charlotte Russe. (They usually have the best dressy shorts too.) I LOVE LACE and the fact that its not a usually black lace but in a really lovely dusty pink-purple. 

 All the accessoires are from Love21, (F21 sister stores), with the tights. The O.P.I polishes are from Ulta.

Here are the swatches of the polish.

 Urban Decay came out with their 15 yr anniversary palette. It was a must if you a big collector of makeup or Urban Decay. Also got a free gift from Sephora for spending $500. So I exchanged my points and a full size blush by benefit.

Since summer is here, cute shoes come out to play. Been buying a lot of shoes.

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