Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saturday Round Up Haul- esp. 02

My purchase during Christmas week. I kinda went crazy and did a lot of online shopping. So enjoy!

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Bought these from F21 online:

Lilac high collar chiffon ruffle blouse. 

. I LOVE the colors and lace on this sequined lace mini skirt. Its a little tight, so if your curvely and have a booty, get a size bigger.
I really like the color and texture of this plumy-purple skirt. Its thick with a lining underneath with no zipper, its an easy slip on. I do wish they had a medium when I order this, as I added to my cart it was the last one. But I'm glad that I did purchase it.
 Went a little crazy on the accessories. But I love the affordable and trendy accessories that forever21 has.

My other purchases:

Been really into tights. I bought soooo many in the pass 3 months and haven't worn them yet.
  From the M.A.C. Daphne Guinness collection. I pick up the Vintage Grape and Circa Plum both are limited edition. The ombre of this blush really caught my eyes, and its a repromote from a 2010 collection. Which I didn't pick up and missed out, so I glad they bought this back.
 Swatches from the blush and pigment. The one from the far left is the blush color when blended together. On the opposite side is the pigment dry. I have been really into plumy-brown-taupe color. I think it has to do a lot with the weather/season. LOL
 BB cream, made from Korea. I got a little sample from Skin79 couple of months ago, and I really like it, so I decide to order a full size bottle. I'll do a better review later.

 Qupid: SAYDIE-49
Steve Madden: VIKTOREE

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2 FREE Zoya polishes

If you like nail polishes then this is a really good offer. You get 2 free polishes by just paying for the shipping. Zoya did this last year too with the same offer. Shipping is about $6.95 and the polishes are $8, so its a WIN WIN, cause your only pay ( just under) 1 bottle. This offer is a limited time, I don't when it ends.

* Zoya polishes are creamy, goes on really nice and smooth and with no chipping. (I own more the 5 bottles)
* Colors are true, what you see is what color you get.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Saturday Round Up Haul - esp.01

I think I'm gonna start something new on my blog; a "Saturday Round Up Haul". (I'll admit I do shop a lot, and LOVE finding good deals and sharing them.) It'll be more easier for me to blog about a mini haul with in that week of my purchase(s), instead of summing it up at the end of the month, cause I tend to get lazy.

SOOOOOO that being said, this will be my first esp. 1, (I know, it sounds lame.) This purchase was on the Dec. 17th , 2011. (I know, why I am doing it from last year? Reason haven't really made that many purchase in Jan 2012 yet.) So enjoy!

Bought all of these, expect for the Olay, from Ulta
Super glittery in person. really fun and cute to layer on top of a solid color.
Been LOVING these brushes. Almost got the whole collection. They don't shed when washing them and SUPER SOFT. These are one of my "got to" brushes now.
Got the rest from Forever21. Most of these items should be in the store. Get them before its gone.
Been really into sweaters. HUGE love for cardigans.
 Up close of the rhinestones.
 Got this cute heart cardigan for $24. Which is worth it. Its really nice and thick 
Two new clutches: one for casual and dressing up, and a really cute head band

Its 2012 already...????


I know its been so long since I've blog. Been really busy at work with overtime, then I drop my camera and had to send it to get it fits, did a lot of shopping online and in stores and got a little sick. Well hopefully 2012, I'll be blogging more.

Well I know its 2012, but it wanted to share my little trip in Toronto, back in Dec 8th 2011, in the Asian mall with my awesome findings. I love going there. If your in Michigan I would recommend going there. Its about 3-4 hours drive from where I live or in the Detroit area, but its totally worth it. The Pacific mall is one of the biggest mall in North America. It has soooooo many stores, and the stores are always changing. Every time I go there, I never have enough time to really REALLY look around and shop too. But not only that I LOVE the food they serve over there too. You pay about $5 and get an awesome portion and bubble tea everywhere. So enjoy my little pics.

 YUMMERS!!!! Chow Mein. Just looking at this makes me want some right now. Every time I go to Pacific Mall, I always tell myself to get something else, but I always end up getting this.
 One of the eating area. Very crowded and very hard to get an open spot.

Got these in the Pacific Mall
Got an eyelash tweezer, an hair stickers/velcro patch and a dolly wink eye lash case.
I love this cute packaging, its just so girly. This is so convenient, to put your used false eye lashes in the case so it won't be damage your fave lashes.
 One side is for the full size and the other side for the small ones.

Down town Toronto, about 3 blocks away from down China town. Its like a mini version of New York, Time Square. This was before Christmas.
I did end up finding a really cute, soft and warm bear -hat-scraft for $25 plus tax, in down town china town.