Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Since summer is finally here, with a little cold rain off and on again, I've been on a shoe phase lately. Well I just bought these lovely shoes and I don't have anything like them in my collection, so it was a MUST. It's a great way to make your outfit stand out. But it reminded me of the Christian Louboutin “Clou Noeud” pumps in his Fall 2010 collection. (Pretty sure you've seen them on celebs.) I was able to find a knock off version of the shoes and I am very please for the price I got for them. So I can't wait to wear them with a cute outfit.

Christian Louboutin “Clou Noeud”:  $1,195 +

Kim K
Other celebs, (too lazy to write their names)
From Wild Divas: $54.12 in the color pewter (<-- a mix between metallic silver and gold)
The comparison. Very similar.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nautical & Comic Con

 Comic Con was in town last weekend and yes I am a nerd at heart. This was my first Comic Con as for my BF too. (No one really would go with me, reason why its my first time.) I love the marvel and DC characters, (and anime as well, but don't really like to mix up the too.) That weekend whether was raining, windy and freezing rain in some areas. Well enjoy...
Don't know if this was the real car for Ghost Busters.
From Stars Wars.
Death Pool.
Wonder Women
I wanted to be in the shot with the girls, but it made more sense if a guy was in it.

Wonder Women, Jane as Phoenix, Bat Girl and Super Girl
Trying to take a picutre without paying , but FAIL. The point blue arrow is George Takei, better known as Mr. Sulu.

* Cream cardigan - from f21
* Blue-cream stripe shirt - Charlotte Russe
* Dark blue skinny jeans  - from f21
* Heart pendant - from betsey johnson (from my haul post )
* Leatherette Dress Shoes in brown - from f21
* Gold bracelets - from forLove21
* Know off Vivienne Westwood purse (from my haul post)


On the face - no foundation
                     Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in Ivory

On the eyes - Urban Decay Maui WOWie in the inner corner of my eyes
                      Make Up For Ever # 60 on the outer corner of the eyes then used Urban Decay Naked to blend the edges.
                      Repeat same thing on the lower lashes
                      Clinique gel eyeliner for the upper lids
                      M.A.C Graphblack eyeliner  to line the bottom lashes

On the checks - Too Faced Papp Don't Push as a blush and Sun Bunny as bronze
On the Lips - M.A.C Beigeland lipstick
On the nails - China Glaze Midnight Mission and Zoya Jules on both of my ring fingers.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Doggie and me (Muted colors)

I love my dog, so I've decided to use him as my accessory in my OOTD. That day was really windy and gloomy.


* Cardigan - from f21 (from my haul post )
* Blue-grey with cream stripe dress - from f21
* Bow with cameo necklace  - from f21
* Blue-grey cameo ring - from f21
* Nude pumps - from Aldo (from my haul post )


On the face - no foundation
                     Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in Ivory

On the eyes - Stila E.S. trio in Bronze Glow, (cream/lightest one) inner corner of the upper lids
                      Mixed of Urban Decay  Sidecar and Maui WOWie middle of the lids
                      Make Up For Ever # 60 on the outer corner of the eyes
                      Repeat same thing on the lower lashes
                      Clinique gel eyeliner for the upper lids
                      Urban Decay Binge for the bottom lashes

On the checks - Too Faced Papp Don't Push
On the Lips - M.A.C Beigeland lipstick
On the nails - Zoya Caitlin

None of these photos are photoshop. Most of these pictures are taken by my brother Peter Her, go and check out his facebook. He is also a photographer if your in the area.

Collective Haul of April

I did a pretty good damage in the month of April. Most of the items are just a week old. So enjoy!

From H&M:


From Aldo shoes:
Found the prefect pairs of nude pumps. I know their shoes are a little pricey, but I think every girl should at least have a really good pair of nude pumps that is worth busting out the money.

I was planning to buy a pair of black or fuchsia ones, but lucky I found dupes.

From Forever 21: 
I know I shop a lot at F21. But this year they've been on tread really good. Plus the clothes got cutier and the material of the clothes got better for a barging store. I'm a pround F21 shopper!

New but has a vintage look
A ruche-ing on both shoulders with an exposed zippers.
Don't think my camera pick up the color, but its a little more of a dark.
The material has a sheer-ness to it. Really pretty and flowy romper.
Coral is HOT this spring season.
Yes another cardigan, but this one is cream and knit. Keeps me nice and more during the raining days.

From Charlotte Russe: 
Sometimes Charlotte Russe is a hit and miss for me. But I was able to find some goodies there.

LOVE the color and the dress. I've been looking around for a dress in this color ans style. Perfect for the clubs or to a cocktail party. Plus the materiel is really nice.

I'm a sucker for corsets and lace, with the two I couldn't say no to it. So I got one in black and in ivory.
Can never say no to black pumps. Funny things is that these are almost exact dupes for the Aldo ones I bought. The only thing that makes it different is the price on them. These were $30 per pair. But Charlotte had a deal. "buy one get one for $10". So I found a pair in fuchsia and black. Not bad, plus both are patent which is a big plus.

Random buyings:

From Victoria Secret. My most FAV perfume. I have a sensitive nose, so this perfume is prefect for me. Not to strong nor to faint.
The packaging is so pretty. Plus I got a free sample of the perfume, so now I could carry it anywhere I go.
M.A.C came out a new collection call "fashion flower". But from the collection I just pick up 2 lipsticks.
Ever Hip: a soft pinky coral. Summer Showers: Sheer with a hint of iridescent pinkish-blue with white sparkles.
My first Chanel make up. Pinky coraly blush, prefect for fair skins. Gives you a nice glow.
Blend out / heavily applied
SUPER CUTE doggie coin purses. Had to get them.
Mix of jewelry, but I do think most of it is from F21.

Knock off of Vivienne Westwood.
Got this in Pittsburgh.
 Show me some of your hauls, I don't think it has to be one shopping spree, do a collective haul like I did.