Thursday, July 7, 2011

Zoya Nudes

Zoya's polishes are probably one of the best out and has great color pay off. It's pretty much what you see outside of the bottle is what the color transfers onto the nails. A cool thing about Zoya's polishes is all the names of the polish are name after ladies and have really good promos. I was thinking about get some nude shades for my collection and lucky they just recently came out with 3 nude new shades and had a really good promo for it too. Buy the new nude shade and get free shipping for it. I couldn't resist and order me the set along with the nail polish remover.

Their nail polish remover+ is ONE OF THEE BEST nail polish remover out there. It leaves my nail clean, healthy and has a really nice scent to it. Unlike the other polishes that I've use, it doesn't leave my nails, fingers and hand dry. It completely removes all my polish without doing any damages to my nails.

Sorry for my fugly nails, I had to stop wearing polish for about 2 weeks for them to grow healthy again. They were getting thin and peeling.
Shay- Light kinda sheer beige color. This was with 2 coast.
Minka - ivory kinda paper bag color. This is with 2 coats.
Pandora - Pinky Taupe color. This is with 2 coats.
  My final thoughts on the shades, I LOVE ALL THREE OF THEM. Each of these shade would go with anything and great for all seasons.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Polka dot nautical

This was taken last month but didn't have time to post it up. Polka dots will always be a classic tread. Especially the colors navy and white, which is perfect for the summer. So enjoy!


* Navy and White Polka Dots dress - from f21
* White chunky heels - from Charlotte Russe
* White bear necklace - from forLove21
* White flower ring - from forLove21
* Fruit Baskets the rat backpack - media play, years ago

None of these photos are photoshop. Makeup is done by me, and most of these pictures are taken by my brother Peter Her check out his facebook page.

Mini Haul for the month of June

This month I didn't really get a lot of stuff. (Surprisingly) I think my mind really stuck on my MN trip that is coming up really soon and the IMATS in Nov. But anyways...enjoy!

Been really into muted colors a lot lately.
This is my "GO TO" under eye problem. I'll give a whole review on this product.
My catch at the Victoria's Secret annual sale they have every summer. This year, they didn't have a lot of selections.

These are the oxford pumps that I order recently. I haven't wore them out yet, but the fit true to size.  My feet are 7 1/2 inches, but have wide feet so I mainly wear size 8 in women's.  Walking around the house with these on, they don't squeeze my feet, easy to walk in them and so far no wobbling to them. The heels measures about 5 inches in height. Can't wait to wear them outside with a cute outfit of course.