Friday, March 23, 2012

Ditsy Cherry Blossom

Michigan has been BLESSED with really nice weather for the pass couple of weeks, for the month of March. All in the mid 60's and high 70's, which got me excited for spring. One reason was I've notice need more springing and colorful shirts, or camis. I LOVE TO LAYER my outfits. So I did a little shopping this past Sunday. So enjoy.!

 First off the accessories. 
Everything is from For Love 21, (Forever21's sister accessories store.) The one with "Apt.9" is from Kohls'

 Got both camis from forever21. LOVE the ruffles on these, its airy and flowy, perfect for spring and summer.. 
 The one from the left is a cream color with cherry blossom and the one from the right is a dusty pink with black lacing. 

 You could never go wrong with cardigans. Pick that one up from Kohls' from the Simply Vera Vera Wang line. I've been looking for blush color cardigan. What really caught my eyes was the back of this cardigan. Very top the the neck has this pleated chiffon then it flows out and has a little belt that ties in the back.

 Charlotte Russe had an in-store sale, buy one shirt get the other one half off. The pattern of this shirt really caught my eyes and the back has this nice expose cage pattern.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My new rings storage

 If you been following my on my blog, you'll now I have a love affair with accessories. Over the pass years, its been growing and my storage for it is getting crowded and clutter. Couple of years ago I bought a jewelry stand for my rings, but that started to overflow.

I've always wanted a velvet ring display, with the cut crease rows. WELL....I was in Jo-Ann this past weekend, and I was lucky enough to come across with one, but I forgot my coupon and was in a hurry. So today after work decide to go back with my coupon and purchase it. I couldn't be more happier. Now I could see majority of my rings. With this it make my life a little more easier when it comes to find what ring to wear that day. The only down fall is that it won't fit the larger bands or the elastic-sling band. But I'm okay with that.

 My next storage plan is to store my necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts and whatever accessories I have into one big unit.

I bought this exactly same dresser from Ikea couple of years ago for my make-up, and I love it. So one of my big plan for 2012 is to really re-do my room. Planing to buy the same dresser for my accessories.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Accessories and V.I.B NARS

My recent haul. Just purchase all of these this pass Friday. (I think I'm gonna stop with the SRUH series and just do regular hauls.)

So enjoy!

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Necklace from Charlotte Russe bracelet from H&M

A better pic of the necklace. I love the cream, pink and the gold with it. 

About last month, during Valentine, Sephora had a V.I.B. special, spend $35 and get a FREE mini set from NARS. I took to long to decide what I really wanted and miss out from online. BUT I was really luck and called my local Sephora and see if they had any in stock and they did, so I couldn't help myself.

The mini NARS set came with a bronzer in Laguna, smudge proof eyeshadow base, liquid illuminator in you choices, (I choose Copacabana) and a drawstring bag. All thing in this set were are mini size, which is super cute!!!

What I got was Tarte matte blush in Exposed and Clinique bottom lash mascara. I love both products and been eye-balling them for a while.

Swatches for the blush and bronzer.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Saturday Round Up Haul- esp. 11

This S.R.U.H haul was during 1st week of March. Been so busy with work, (now that my job is going into busy season), reason for late posting. Also found a dog during that week as well, sadly had to drop her off to the shelter. 

So enjoy!

If you like my shopping/hauls follow me on twitter for my daily stats. 

 Since March is the first month for spring, I thought I'll add more pastel colors to my polish collection. 
The Orly polish is from the "Cool Romance" collection for spring 2012. This collection has a soft-muted-pastel color. The colors from left to right: You're Blushing, Prelude to a Kiss, Jealous, Much?

Also OPI; Stranger Tides for $5, couldn't pass that up

Everything is from Ulta, expect the baby blue nail sticker.

And of course, from Forever21. After shopping too much at or online with their store, I got a little bored with their stuff, (shop there way way too much), but they had there spring colors in, so I decided to order some. Noticed all the pastel colors.

Pink chiffon ruffle tank top, sheer lace flora print with ruched sleeves.
Zip up cardigan in mint and lace chiffon with an exposed zipper top

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know that I've finally found the pleater skirt from H&M. Although I think I need a bigger size in this skirt. It fits perfect, but it comes up too high for me.

ACCESSORIES!! All theses are from for Love 21