Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cosmic Space

I have a little secret, and my secret was this dress that I'm wearing in this post was my "Get-in-fit" summer dress.

I bought the dress last year in December and haven't worn it until now. I LOVE the print and the shape of this dress, well basically everything of this dress. The Print is perfect for the summer. If I remember right, I got this dress for $28 from $58. So enjoy!




* Cosmic dress - from
* Pewter spike heels - from
* All Knock off of Vivienne Westwood  - from ebay
* Multi silver beads bracelet - from Love21

None of these photos are photoshop. Makeup is done by me, and most of these pictures are taken by my brother Peter Her check out his facebook page.


  1. You look super hot Bla! I love the dress!

  2. @Patt: Thanks! All that hard work paid off. The dress was a big must for me.