Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fave under eye concealer primer

I've never really use a under eye concealer primer before but so far this one my fave. I've been using mac prep + prime vibrancy eye primer for about 2 months and its my "go-to product". Love the fact that this product is double in works. It reduce puffiness and prime your lids for makeup, especially when you wake up. I mainly use it for concealing my under eye dark circles. One pump is all you really need to do its work. Spread onto the lid area and wait for about 5 mins to let it set in and thats it. The product pumps out a pinky with little shimmery cream that doesn't smell. (Which is another plus for me.)

Before any products. Under eyes a little puff, just woke up about 20 mins before pic taken.
After 5 mins of the product on my lids. Puffiness is reduced. 
With bobbi brown cream concealer on lower lids and Urban Decay's eye shadow primer on upper lids. I do recommend using a little moisture lotion on your under eye/face before using anything. Cause you dont want it too look cakey.


  1. I read reviews about this concealer and it really good. This one is next on my shopping list. Thanks for the review.
    BTW: just made an FB page, please clicklike thanks.

  2. Your welcome. Glad that you like it. I do recommend this product to anyone. Its good without make up too. Cause it reduces puffiness. Oh, and thanks for the add on FB.