Monday, August 22, 2011

HELP! Can't decide which to get?

I saw pair of chunky heels and I fell in love with them. Problem is, there are two colors that I want and I don't know which ones would be best. I'm debating on getting both but I don't know if the royal blue would be a good investment. URGH, if I cant decided then I might not get it. LOL cause the more I think about it, more I'm convincing myself into getting it.

Good news, I couldn't help myself and order both shoes with a 35% off discount.

 The black is safest but I know that I would wear it more then once and anything would go with it.

Love the fact that the royal blue is a pop of color. Only thing is I might wear it once or don't anything to go with.

Although these chunky heels do remind me of the Steve Madden Grettta...


  1. i love the blue one. i'm sure you already have a ton of black heels. i think that blue will go with a lot of stuff.

  2. Thanks ladies! I think I might just get both.

  3. nevermind.. i just got mine and im thinking of selling it. not that it aint pretty but damn.. im scared of the platform height! LMAO!let me know if you're interested...

  4. @Angel: Sorry for a really late reply. But I got them both. Haven't really got any chance to wear them out yet cause its winter now. Platforms are more way more easier to walk in. The only thing I would say is the backing of the platforms. The straps are not connected, but its okay it could just sew it together.

    But do check back, got more shoes that I bought.