Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday Round Up Haul- esp. 10

This S.R.U.H haul was during 3rd week of Feburay..

So enjoy!

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When I was in wetseal, I came a across this cream lace cardigan and this mint with lacing on the side. I couldn't help myself and bought both.

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know I've been looking for a dress for up and coming wedding in March. I found two that I really like from LULU', but I couldn't decide which to choice from, so I bought both. But I'm actually happy that I did.

 This black top cut-outs with a blush chiffon bottom, has a romanticness to it. Its soft and girl with a little edgy. I love how cut-outs falls on sides and that it won't over exposed you skin, but just enough.

 This is how it looks on the model.

Then I've seen, this tan with black lace on the side. It sexy and romantic. The back of this tube dress, has an exposed zipper and black sheer chiffon panel. I love that fact the black lace is on the side of the dress. It'll make you look slimmer and extenuate you curves. Which is a plus for me.


  1. Cute items. I looove lace too!

  2. Thank you. I think every girl loves lace. It's just so romanic.

  3. Lovely! :X

    1. Thank you. And Thank you for stopping by.