Monday, February 6, 2012

Saturday Round Up Haul- esp. 03

I know its been a while and I haven't been posting, but I haven't been on a comp for a while, (especially when there is only one computer and everybody in the family wants to use it). But its February and I'm really behind on my posting, (I'm still on December hauls). Well I didn't realize that this S.R.U.H. is mainly about polish. I went pretty crazy on polish at towards the end of the month of December and bought quite a lot. If you have any hauls do share them in comment below. I LOVE HAULS, if you haven't notices.

So enjoy!

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Bought most of these either at Wal-Greens or CVS
From Left to Right: Shine of the Times, Eternal Optimist, Chinchilly and Lady Like
(Just notice, they're all about the same family color)
Essie has probably one of the best creamy polishes. Goes on opaque with just 2 coats.

One of my all time FAVE polish; OPI.
From Left to Right: Not like the Movies, Totally fort worth it, Teenage Dream and It's my year
Bought all of them expect the Teen Dream from Ulta. I was really lucky to find some of Katy Perry's OPI collection at some of the Ulta around me. I wanted Teenage Dream so bad that I paid more then the retail price, but its totally worth it. It probably one of my top favorite glitter nail polishes.

Got the Revlon from Wal-Greens.
From Left to Right: (934) Blue Mosaic and (711) Smoky Canvas
I haven't tried the Blue Mosaic, but I have tried Smoky Canvas and it comes out too thick on the brush and  polishing your nails. I really don't like drug store brand polishes, cause of the reason and the polish separates to easily when not in use. I really like the color, but I'll give it another try.
I bought these at CVS for $2.99 (I think).
From Left to Right: (33774) Back Alley Deals and (33775) It's All In The Cut
There was so much rave about these, so I decide to just go with it and bought them. On the display there was only couple of left of these shades in limited quantity. 

Blur it out on purpose, look at all the glitter....
Okay last polish. Bought this Orly from Ulta.
Rage: its a metallic rose gold. Such a pretty color.

 Gyudon. which is Japanese beef bowl. Its do delish! Whenever I visit my local Japanese area/markets, these sell quick. So I always try to eat one of these before its all gone. Its pre-made, so you just buy, heat it up and eat it in the mini dinning area. Or just take it home. They also have DAILY FRESH SUSHI.

 Japanese candy. These were so cute and delish! I couldn't resit buying them. All chocolate and the buns are made out of waffle cookies.

My purchase from the Japanese market. Gothic Lolita Bible magazine contact lens case, stickers and a face slim roller.

I have been using it, but I kinda notice the differences. Its all about patience.

And of course my purchase from F21. Just a taupe chiffon, necklace and tights.


  1. Wow, awesome hauls! All your nail polish hauls look awesome and the Japanese hamburger looks soooooo cute!

  2. @Patt: Thanks. Could never go wrong with too many nail polishes. Those chocolate hamburger were so cute, I almost did want to eat them. LOL