Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday Round Up Haul- esp. 06

This S.R.U.H haul is the 3rd week of January.

So enjoy!

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The most obvious purchase is Forever21. LOVE the winter season, one reason is cardigans. Great for any seasons. I do love to collect as many cardigans as I can.

I've notices that chiffon is really poplar late last year and I think its going to be for this year as well. Same as the color nude. I've been purchasing a lot of nudes, blush or muted colors this year. Its like nude is the new black.

Been crazy about belts. And forever21 usually have really cute ones.

I don't really shop at TJmaxx but, I've been eye-in on that Michael Kors clutch for a while, and it finally went on sale. I couldn't help myself and get it. Plus their tight and knee high socks were on sale too, including those nail polishes. 

For the price I paid for it, I couldn't be happier. 

Same with this set. Original: $17.99, TJmaxx price: $8 then on sale for $6 for two polishes. These were from the Serena Willams's O.P.I. set from last year.
Got a new eyeliner brush with a new brush cleaner from Target. This stuff cleans your makeup brushes really good, but I do recommended using baby shampoo as well. So when your brush dries, it'll be soft.

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