Thursday, February 9, 2012

Saturday Round Up Haul- esp. 04

This S.R.U.H was during the week of New Years. What a great way to start the year off with new make-up and a sweater.
So enjoy!

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Cruel Gardenia Meteorites from the Guerlain Spring 2012 collection.
I was lucky to pre-order this from my local/fave Nordstrom. I think its sold out now, (unless your lucky to find it stores). I has a light pink metallic sheen. I think this highlighter is perfect for spring. The color is just right for that soft glowy look.

 Doir Amber Diamond. I bought this with my 10% off V.I.B. coupon. I dont own any Dior products, so this is my first. I love the colors and its perfect for that summery glow. It not over power with bronze, which is perfect for my skin type. Plus with it still being winter, it's also perfect for that healthy glow too.

I got two lipstick for the M.A.C. Naturally collection. I love the colors on these lipstick. Both lipstick has a more of a neutral colors to them. Also pick up a 286 Duo Fiber Blending brush, (which is not photograph)

From left to right: Beach Sand and A Perfect Day.
Beach Sand is a peachy-tan-nude color
A perfect Day is rosy-nude color

Bought the "Night Bandit Cutout Sleeve Sweater" from my new fave online store, Threadsence.Ever since I bought my Betsy Johnson Ditan from there, I've been hook.
I love how the sweater looks. It has a Gothic-punk-chic to it, which is not too over the top. I love the material for this sweater, which is knit. Its light weight and still keeps you warm When I wore this out I got a lot of compliment. So its a plus for me.

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