Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Seashell and purple

Its been so long since I've done a out of the day look. BUT finally. So enjoy.

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 Blouse, skirt, necklace and clutch are from forever21, lace heels are from DSW


  1. Cute Outfit! NPLAHER- you should join instagram... add me at love_cxy .... it's so much easier to post outfits and cute things than a blog. You should give it a try, if you have a droid or iphone, i totally recommend you to dl the app! :) ---CXy

    1. Thanks! Definitely would follow you on instagram, when i get an upgrade on my phone. My phones been so slow and really low on memory, so it won't allow me to download the app. But I can't wait when I do get a new phone.