Friday, May 11, 2012

Studded Beige

I've done some major hauling, and I'm suppose to save up for my trip. LOL My recent purchase for the first day of May. So enjoy!

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 My whole entire haul. Everything was from online, so I had to wait for everything to arrive to do this posting. I just love receiving packaging, the wait is so worth it and it's like getting a gift(s) from yourself LOL
 First off, from forever21 accessories. I didn't haul a lot from there just some stuff that I've been eyeballing on. Cream and gold stud purse; ($34.80), Pyramid rings set; ($3.80), they do run small, got size 8 fits like 7, Spike earrings; ($2.80), and mini cross necklace; ($1.50)

 I've wanting to get some really nice denim short, since I don't have any and I seen these from forever21. I love the color on these, not too bright or too faded and the detail scalloped trimming. The fit is nice cause the material stretches, the color goes with my wardrobe at the moment and perfect color for the summer. It's a little loose on me, but with some washes I know it'll shrink. Also got this blouse. You could never go wrong with a little sheerness for the summer.
 Been really into blazers lately and came across this awesome Blaque Label studs jacket/blazer from Lulu's. It's so worth every penny. I've wore this to work and got a lot of compliments on it. Its light weight, the material feels nice and stretches and the studs are over the jacket/blazer.

Picked up some small stuff from Charlotte Russe. They had a sale for "Cino De Mayo", so I took advantage of the 0.50 cents shipping for and $25 purchase. Been wanting this black lace blazer; ($30) for a while and it went on sale for the event, and picked up some pink and white lace long heart necklaces too.

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