Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Saturday Round Up Haul - esp.01

I think I'm gonna start something new on my blog; a "Saturday Round Up Haul". (I'll admit I do shop a lot, and LOVE finding good deals and sharing them.) It'll be more easier for me to blog about a mini haul with in that week of my purchase(s), instead of summing it up at the end of the month, cause I tend to get lazy.

SOOOOOO that being said, this will be my first esp. 1, (I know, it sounds lame.) This purchase was on the Dec. 17th , 2011. (I know, why I am doing it from last year? Reason haven't really made that many purchase in Jan 2012 yet.) So enjoy!

Bought all of these, expect for the Olay, from Ulta
Super glittery in person. really fun and cute to layer on top of a solid color.
Been LOVING these brushes. Almost got the whole collection. They don't shed when washing them and SUPER SOFT. These are one of my "got to" brushes now.
Got the rest from Forever21. Most of these items should be in the store. Get them before its gone.
Been really into sweaters. HUGE love for cardigans.
 Up close of the rhinestones.
 Got this cute heart cardigan for $24. Which is worth it. Its really nice and thick 
Two new clutches: one for casual and dressing up, and a really cute head band


  1. Nice buys. How much were the brushes?

  2. The brushes are $10 each, but got them for $6.50 each. Ulta has a coupon on their site for $3.50 off for an $10 or more on purchases. Trick for getting $6.50 each is doing two separate transaction, (using one coupon for one brush with different 2 transaction, but the limit is two.) Hope that helps.