Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rose Gold Angel Wings

 I know I shouldn't but I did. Did some major damage and haul even more stuff. (Opps.) All thanks to pinterest. I have a board on my account with "my wishlist" and most got of the stuff that I've been wanting or eyeballing. Which is bad and good. So enjoy!

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 My entire haul, it all arrived on Mother's Day weekend. Which was really fast when I just placed my order in the beginning of that week.

Got these beautiful flats from DSW; CL by Laundry Go Ahead: ($39.95).
I was never really into flats, but recently my "work shoes" that I wear to work finally gave up, so I had to get flat cause of "work policy", (no heels unless you're in office, which I'am. But really it's just people who likes to tall-tell on you.) I've haven't broke them in yet, but I can't wait!
 Up close.
 Also got these from DSW too, Mix No. 6 Allure Pump: ($49.95) . I was able to get $10 off for buying 2 shoes for a promo that they had that week. ( I love promos so I couldn't be more happier.)

  Got these Qupid pink and cream lace oxford: ($29.95) from ebay. I wasn't going to get these, but the more I was looking at them I couldn't stop thinking about them. Plus there were only 2 left in my size. (If you want these better hurry, there is only 3 size left.)

LOVE this cluff! Wildfox Rose Gold Plated Wing Bracelet: ($75). I am in love with the color rose-gold and angel wings. I don't know what to wear this with, but I am determined.
 Sigma came out with their Limited Edition Paris Palette: ($59), with a $10 discount. This palette is worth your money. 8 eyeshadow, 2 blush, 1 highlighter and 2 of their signature brushes, which are in between a full and travel size, and it still has that soft touch. PLUS 7 of the eyeshadows are inspired by 7 makeup youtube gurus.

 Peach is such a beautifully color to wear on all skin tone. It was really hard to get a hold of this dress in this color. I found this dress on 2 different websites, and both were selling out quick. I was lucky to get my hands on this, before it was gone, (one of the website was sold out the next day.) The dress size that I got is large, but it fits like a medium. The dress will fit to your curves, the top half of this dress has a sheer material, which expose skin, the draping covers the front part of the dress and the back is expose.


  1. such beautiful finds!!!! :D love the peach/coral color top! :D

  2. lovely dress!!

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  3. You have a great taste! I love the dress and all the shoes especially the oxfords. And isn't that Sigma Paris makeup palette? I watched a review about on MakeUpByTiffanyD on youtube, I love her videos. And lastly have a great daaaaaay! :D

    1. Awww thank you. Sorry for the late reply. But yes that the Sigma Paris palette. Been using it ever since I bought it.

  4. I love those high heel lace pumps!! Gorg!

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