Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pink Bows

My recently purchase from the last week of April. So enjoy!

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I've done a little shopping just before my stay-at-home-and-rest vacay started. I'd try not to haul a lot since I'm trying to save up some money for my trip that is coming up. Since the weather is a little more warmer, I'll be doing some outfit posting. I'm a little self conscious about my weight recently, and slowly getting tone and slim down.

 Everything that I've bought. (I think I did good.)

 I wanted to have some summery clothing, for my up and coming trip. I was lucky enough to seen this at forever21 and had to pick this up, for $13.80, how could you not? JUST LOVE THE COLOR, it reminds me of peaches and cream and just screams summer!

I've seen these on forever21's website and had to get them, called up my local forLOVE21 and they had them in-stock, (I've been going through a bracelet craze.) Both for $6.80, (there was black too, but wasn't really feeling that one.)

 I've seen these cute pink hair bows ($1.50) just had to pick these up. Don't know when I'll ever used them but their just too cute and pretty to say no too. I've also pick up some flora lace tights ($6.80), I had a pair back in Dec 2011, but there were too big and didn't fit well. So I wanted a better and similar tights, plus these pattern are more prettier.

Ulta had a special in April for Anastasia, buy $30 worth of Anastasia and get a free. I've also wanted to try Anastasia, especial their bow wiz. So I've pick ULTAmate Brows, which is only an exclusive at Ulta for $30. I think it's worth a try, cause the bow wiz itself is $20. But I've try the free gift, bow gel and lip gloss, (for $12). I've been using the bow gel for about 3 weeks and loving it, the lipgloss its okay, the wand is a little annoying when it comes to applying. 

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