Monday, April 23, 2012

Strawberry field

My latest purchase about 2 weeks ago.

Been obsessed with H&M lately. For me sometimes H&M is a hit and miss for me, but their spring/summer collection been eye catching.
I pick up an black skirt with A-line with 2 layers and pockets; ($29.95), white chiffon with lace trimming on the bottom of the skirt; ($24.95), strawberry cami; ($12.95) and white sleeveless blouse with lace trimming on the top from the Conscious Collection; ($9.95).
I know white makes you bigger, but I couldn't pass this up. Perfect for summer, its flowy with a touch of girly-ness.
 Love the details of this black skirt, on the side the the skirt has leather triming and the pockets has a little leather lining as well. The material for this skirts is not stiff and doesn't feel cheap.
 This would be perfect for a summer causal outfit. For the price for this shirt is worth it and best part is if you're a green person then you'll love this shirt.
 This strawberry cami is my fave from my haul, its just so girly. Plus who doesn't love strawberries? Wearing it reminds me of strawberry fields.

 My purchase from forever21.
Ruffle nautical cami; ($15.80), sheer sleeveless blouse with a hoodie; ($15.80) and black lace flowy blouse ($19.80).
 I couldn't pass up on this blouse, it'll be nice for the summer for a night out.
 Accessories from forever21. 
Long peachy rhinestone necklace, pearl heart bracelets and gold and silver spike bracelet.

My other purchase.
Dusty pink lace blazer from Lulu's, Dior St. Tropez Vernis nail polish from Nordstrom, black wedge and flora clutch from Target.
I don't really shop at Target, its a hit and miss for me, but I was lucky to came across these items cause both were on clearance. Can't wait to use the clutch, its just so cute and girly and the black wedge is for work, but I'm actually loving these.

A swatch of Dior St. Tropez Vernis, via


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  2. Hi, I love this post very much - the Accessories from forever21 are so cute especially the pink heart gem one. This strawberry cami also is so cute since I love strawberry patterns!!!

    The nail polish is a really pretty sky blue loving it!!

    Thanks for sharing your awesome things!!

    1. Thank you. I can't wait for the weather to be warmer to wear the strawberry cami and the Dior nail polish.

  3. Love the blue nail polish!Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you. It was worth the splurge.

  4. i almost bought the same white sleeveless top with lace from h&m too, but i didn't like how stiff the material was. =( i also have similar wedge shoes from target, except mine are a mauve color. =)

    1. LOL I wasn't going to either cause it was stiff, but I think I could work around it. I was looking for the mauve color at Target too, but were all out. But I am a little disappointed, after wearing it a day, it stretch.

  5. Beautiful post!!!
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    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥