Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cream chiffon and Gold

Well chiffon, (sheer fabric), the color white and gold are another summer tread for this year. I really didnt like the color gold and would pass on the color. But lately the color gold has really caught my eyes, but I guess as you grow older you be come or wiser and appreciate more colors. I've always like chiffon/sheer fabric, its really light weight and perfect for the hot summer and layering.

Oh, I wanted to try something new, watermarks on my pictures. I have a 50/50 feeling about using them. I've never used them before on my pictures, but we'll see if it'll stay or not. (It's just so much work....)

Well do tell me if you like watermarks and what do you think about chiffon and gold. Enjoy!



* White/cream Chiffon shirt- from H&M
* DK skinny jeans - from f21
* Gold plate necklace - from forLove21
* Gold Bangles - from forLove21
* Turtle bracelet - from BF's uncle that he go it from Hong Kong
* Nude pumps - from Aldo
* Hmong tribal purse - from MN in Hmong Ville 

None of these photos are photoshop. Makeup is done by me, and most of these pictures are taken by my brother Peter Her check out his facebook page.


  1. Ok you ready...hehehe that last Photo says it all....(I'm tired) lol
    An mad props for throwing the kick in the heels, you get Brownie point from the MMA world for that...keep up the blog, your support is here 100% and tell your brother nice camera work. I may have him shoot some of my training one day ^_^

  2. LOL thanks. I was really tired that day. I was up really early on set for a photo shoot and got only 4 hrs of sleep.

    That shot was on a count of 3 and posing for a couple of seconds to get the shot and stand still on a 5 inch heels. Glad I get brownie pts, but I wouldn't mind really brownies either. LOL

    Well his pretty much open on taking pics. But if you do just let me know or visit his fb page and you can let me know. It'll be nice for your blog.

  3. Brownies...hehehe, well now i know 5" Heels equal sore feet...lol girls and there fashion...but we men love it so...keep it up.

    An yeah that's what i was thinking. Photos for my blog...yeeaaaahh. i need them so ppl can see what I'm talking about...yaaaaa ^_^ i will contact him and add him tooooooo

  4. I'm so in love with chiffon dresses and minidresses! been collecting it too<3
    and yeah, you should put a watermark on your photos, there are a lot of pic leechers out there >.<