Friday, June 17, 2011

Mini Haul- Spikes, silver, gold and bears OH MY!

I just bought these a couple of days ago. I've been want a spike chain necklace for a while but could never found one in my price or it was all gone by the time I want it. But I so happened to stumble in forLove21 and found a couple and other goodies.

Also I've been hearing all these hype about BB Cream, I personally don't wear foundation but supposedly its this BB Cream is good for your skin and it's meant for Asian skin. So I was able to get a 2 sample from the BB cream line and gonna try it out and if I do like it, I'm going to buy the big bottle. (If you want to try it out or want a sample, click here)

Original size of the BB Cream, made by Koreans.

I been eye balling this one for a while, but for $130.00 I could wait.
Each item on here are under $10.


  1. Great haul Npla! The teddy bear necklace is so adorable. I've also been wanting to try those bb creams but havnt gotten to yet but I've tried other bb creams like leoele bb creams. Let us know if you liked the skin 79 ones.

  2. @pam: Thanks. the arms and legs move too. But I'll let you know as soon as I try it and do a review on both.

    @Bombshell: Thanks! Couldn't resist on getting both and it's a nice way to amp up any outfit.