Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Collective haul of May

I know I'm late for my haul but I just didn't come around taking the pictures for it. Plus I wanted to make sure that I got everything that I bought with in May. So enjoy!
It looks weird on here but is a tube dress, the hanger didn't hang it right.
One of treads of this spring/summer is muted colors, which I really love. It just adds a nice soft girl touch to the outfit.
Starting to get into animal prints as well.
From Wet Seal Online only
High waist pants and shorts are in this spring and summer.
LOVE this lace skort. (Half skirt and half shorts.)
Maybe its me, but when the warmer weather hits, I tend to buy new shoes. And I'm glad that I did.
Tribal really in this summer as well and got this hmong tribal purse from MN in the Hmongville.
LOVE the earth tone colors of this purse.
From M.A.C surf collection. Both are limited edition.

Nice nude polish for any outfit.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for following! Love the post- esp the shoes and the jewels! <3