Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Silver Clutch

Well here a mini haul. So enjoy!

 Got the silver clutch and spike bracelet from shopakira, during their forth of July, 20% off sale. Been eye-balling on this clutch for a while and decide to finally get it. Although I did miss out the one I really wanted. =( The really cool part is the handle. When "wearing" or carrying the clutch in you hand, it looks like you're wearing rings on, but it's part of the clutch. This clutch is such an eye-catcher, that I'll never let it go. (LOL pun). Plus its look like and Alexander Mcqueen skull clutch.

 During my visit for the LA IMATS, Sigma had a booth there selling there "best-seller" brushes and sets. Well everything was sold out, but they were nice enough to hand out a promo code to get the same discount at the IMATS. So during that week they had a discount on their website. So it was a double bonus for me.

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  1. This cluch bag is seen like fine piece of artistic and colorful creation .Specially, the feature that having it in hand give the looks of wearing diamond rings is very unique and wonderful.

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