Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My new rings storage

 If you been following my on my blog, you'll now I have a love affair with accessories. Over the pass years, its been growing and my storage for it is getting crowded and clutter. Couple of years ago I bought a jewelry stand for my rings, but that started to overflow.

I've always wanted a velvet ring display, with the cut crease rows. WELL....I was in Jo-Ann this past weekend, and I was lucky enough to come across with one, but I forgot my coupon and was in a hurry. So today after work decide to go back with my coupon and purchase it. I couldn't be more happier. Now I could see majority of my rings. With this it make my life a little more easier when it comes to find what ring to wear that day. The only down fall is that it won't fit the larger bands or the elastic-sling band. But I'm okay with that.

 My next storage plan is to store my necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts and whatever accessories I have into one big unit.

I bought this exactly same dresser from Ikea couple of years ago for my make-up, and I love it. So one of my big plan for 2012 is to really re-do my room. Planing to buy the same dresser for my accessories.


  1. I've been so crazy over jewelry too. I have no room to store them all as well. I love those drawers from ikea!!! Pat and I wanna get on too but we don't have an ikea close by. The closest one is in Chicago. :( my parents are coming to mi this weekend they'll probably see you all. :)

    Wish we could come too but my husband works this weekend.

  2. I actually bought similar drawer which is wider but shorter, what I like about the most is that it has rollers on it!!! I make jewelries and I love how I can move it around to get things :) And you can store lots of it, believe me, lol.

    1. I use to be crafty myself and a drawer with rollers would sound nice, but I haven't been crafty lately. Thanks for the advise.