Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mini Haul for the month of June

This month I didn't really get a lot of stuff. (Surprisingly) I think my mind really stuck on my MN trip that is coming up really soon and the IMATS in Nov. But anyways...enjoy!

Been really into muted colors a lot lately.
This is my "GO TO" under eye problem. I'll give a whole review on this product.
My catch at the Victoria's Secret annual sale they have every summer. This year, they didn't have a lot of selections.

These are the oxford pumps that I order recently. I haven't wore them out yet, but the fit true to size.  My feet are 7 1/2 inches, but have wide feet so I mainly wear size 8 in women's.  Walking around the house with these on, they don't squeeze my feet, easy to walk in them and so far no wobbling to them. The heels measures about 5 inches in height. Can't wait to wear them outside with a cute outfit of course.

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