Friday, April 8, 2011

My collective haul

I love watching haul videos on youtube, so this is my first Collective haul. I'll admit, I ain't ballin, but that doesn't mean you can't shop a little.

 Jewelry haul:
Juicy Couture and besty johnson got it from Nordstrom

All of these jewelry are from forever21

Nail polish haul:
** bought these in one month. =/
Been really into nail polishes lately. This is just some of my collection.

Got some new tools for makeup and nails. And a lipstick for M.A.C the Lady Gaga 2.
And YES those are REAL M.A.C brushes. The 217 and 224

forever21 haul:
F21 shirt. Been really into dusty pink. And I love the birds on this shirt.
Since spring is around the corner, one of the flora dress that I got, I love the shape and the design of this dress.

A dusty pink cardigan. Been really into cardigans too.
This A shape skirt has a edgy pattern to it.

When I try this one in the fitting room, it had a girly rocker chick to it. But it depends on the shoes and styling when I wear this.

TJ maxx:
Dusty pink lace tank with an A shape.

Target haul:

Sometimes I forget the Target had cute clothes.